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December 5th, 2006, 02:21 AM
At the Charlotte meet we discussed a Tech and tune for before the Dragon run. I figured we should get it started since it is only 5 months away untill the Dragon.
I would be willing to hold this at my house if there is not a better location to do so. If someone has a lift or a more centered location then no hurt feelings here. So please chime in if you do. I would like to be able to take over a professional shops garage, but I know of one and I do not know if he will, but I intend to ask him. I just want to get some ideas from the club members before I do. Or if we just want to keep it a tight group then I will not ask.

We would have a tech earlier in the day, to allow time for all the cars that would like to have work done.Then a cookout later that evening. If we do cookout everyone would need to supply a dish, drinks, or etc... or we could just do a cruise in afterwards to a local burger joint. We could even make a large pizza order and make the local pie tosser happy.

As far as the tech session goes I have a lot of shade tree experiance between all of my BMW's, and Mustangs, but I am really wet behind the ears when it comes to the Mini's, so someone with a little more knowledge would be of great help.I am very willing to learn and will do whatever I am capable of. I will have two Garage bays and a long driveway for the simple mods. I do have a good start on the tools. I do have jack stands, 2 creepers and plenty of lighting even makeshift. We would not have the time to do major work, but would be able to do mods and any fixes that do not require engine removal although I do have a cherry picker and engine stand.
For the dates would April the 7th work. Any ideas please chime in.
FYI I do live in Mooresville which is 15 minutes south of I-40 on I-77. 25 minutes North of I-85. I did hold a meet like this before and it worked out a lot better than I had planned so hopefully a little experiance will pay off here:D

December 5th, 2006, 09:45 AM
Grassroots Garage ( www.grassrootsgarage.com ) is exactly the place you are talking about. It's in Thomasville, which is close to High Point and about 20 minutes from W-S. There are 4 bays and a lift, but more importantly there is a factory certified MINI tech that owns/operates the shop. We've done a few mod events there recently and Dan (the owner) is usually more than happy to have stuff held there.

I think this is a great idea, so next time I see Dan (probably later today) I'll mention it to him and get him to log on to chime in.