I took my car in for the passenger light recall and the dealer advised the below issues. The dealer listed these as "failures".

  1. Power steering fluid level excessively low. The dealer recommends replacing the power steering hose, reservoir pump and intake line.
  2. The control arm bushings are excessively worn/loose. The dealer recommends alignment and replacing both lower arm bushings
  3. The rear brake pads are 3mm or less and dealer recommends replacing the rear brake pads.

I had it in for service to my normal mechanic about a month ago. The only issue he noted from above list was the alignment. I needed new tires at the time, so replaced the tires 2 weekends ago.

Current mileage is just over 102K. The service engine light hasn't come on. Brakes were replaced about 2 years ago.

I'm worried now because I'm concerned that issues 1 and 3 weren't noticed by the shop I normally go to. I will drop it off on Monday for the shop to look at and give a second opinion.