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    My MINI Information:
    JCW GP
    Click here

    MINIPalooza at the Beach 2017 - Group C: Fort Fisher - Southport Ferry Ride

    GROUP C: Fort Fisher - Southport Ferry Ride
    Group Lead: Gene Crouse

    Google Map
    Note: Click on the map above and download turn by turn directions to your phone.

    8:15AM: Group C drivers meet

    8:30AM: Wheels start rolling out - warning this is going to be a little chaotic - be ready to go and watch the MINI in front of you

    9:40AM: begin arriving at your fist destinations (approx. 40 Min to Carolina Beach/ 45-60min to Southport)

    10:00AM: Explore your location
    Run leader will let you know what time they will be leaving for your Ferry

    11:00AM: Line-up at Ferry ports on both sides. You will need $5 cash for the Ferry ride.

    11:30AM & 12:15PM FERRY RIDE!!!!!

    12:05 - 12:50PM Ferries arrive on opposite ends

    1:00 - 4:00PM Explore your destination, you may break off from your group any time and explore on your own if you like.

    4:00PM: Head back to Wilmington

    1. Gene
    2. Steve & Lisa
    3. Janice & Dave
    4. Carmen & Wayne
    5. Doug & Ginny
    6. Tonya, Melanie, Ashly and Brittany
    7. Kerry, Henry, and Andromeda
    8. Anastasia and Casey
    9. Cameron and Laura
    10. Chuck & Donna
    11. Allen
    12. Alan
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