It's amazing how many morons will buy a set of PDR tools and start a business, not really knowing what they are doing. I guess it's a cheap business to set up and it looks easy to do. To do it well takes skill, practice and a whole lot of patience.

I found Carolina Dent Repair on Yelp (16 reviews - all 5 stars) and could not be happier. He took out the 3 dings that I knew about and massaged out several more that he found that I hadn't noticed. It was all done for less than I expected for the 3 dings, so I was quite happy and he's mobile, so he can do the work in your garage or at your workplace. It came out to $200 for the 3 larger dings I knew about and the 3-4 other little ones that he found.

Carolina Dent Co - Automotive Dent Repair
Jeff Faircloth