Hi Scott, and thanks. I live in Midland Texas. My previous car is almost 30 years old, a Honda Civic CRX si, with over 254k miles. Bought it new in '91. Always wanted a mini. My sister had one in the 60's when we lived in England. I flew to Dallas to buy this one (car gurus), and drove it 300 miles home. Drives well, although a little bit more bumpy than my Honda. Wondering how I can find someone who knows what they are doing to look after me when I have issues to correct. The BMW dealership here will not look at it. Have been told I need to go to San Antonio, Plano, or El Paso. Was hoping to find someone closer maybe in San Angelo, Lubbock or Big Spring. Any advise from you would be helpful. Thanks Tim. Do I need to fill up with premium gas? .... I know nothing! ;)