So I realized yesterday that my MINI's going to turn over 70,000 miles next week and turn 3 the week after that. Holy mileage, Batman! I'm on track to hit 100k by next September or October, which is a lot of miles considering how long I want to keep this car around (as long as possible, btw).

Should I keep driving the car and accumulating ~24k/year? I haven't heard of any MINIs surpassing 200k. It'd be nice to pay the car off before I hit 100k, too. I have mostly highway miles on it, but I also track the car.

The other option is to look for a daily beater: <$6k, <120k, manual transmission, small and sporty. I've been looking at the BMW E36 323is - anybody drive this car? Anybody have any other ideas?

I've stopped freaking out about the idea of 100,000 miles, but it's still kind of scary. My Jeep hit a brick wall at 110k and basically became undrivable because it broke down so fast.