An “informal” Cars&Coffee update .. last minute decision here, but since many of you may missing your Cars&Coffee fix ..

Cars&Coffee (“Raleigh” area) is currently being held at Waverly Place in Cary

259 New Waverly Place, Cary, NC …
I have not been yet and have heard mixed reviews, but in fairness need to check it out .. so tomorrow AM (Saturday, August 4) some MINIs will be gathering at the new location.

Cars&Coffee starts around 9 with cars gathering to claim parking space around 8:30 .. feel free to arrive at that time.
My plan is to arrive between 9:30-10am as a prelude to the Beat the Heat Ice Cream Run (for those of you who enjoyed our post Brier Creek Cars&Coffee drive and lunch consider joining us for all or part of the Ice Cream Run on Saturday)

We will leave Cars&Coffee (from Fresca Café as close as parking is available) at 10:30am and take a direct (read: boring, highway) route to Pelican’s Snoballs in Durham to meet up with the rest of the Ice Cream Run contingent .. for more ice cream and fun roads!

Please see the following links for details:
Beat the Heat Ice Cream Run:

Cars&Coffee on Facebook: