Hi everybody,

I'm on the prowl for some demonstrations of MINI love. I am the very happy owner of MacTaggart, a dark silver MCS with white stripes. I am very contented -- I really can't see myself owning another car -- and have fond memories of road trips and twisties. (That's me with MacTaggart and my dog Shirley on the Blue Ridge Parkway.) I don't have really over-the-top stories to tell. But I wager some folks do.

In the interest of disclosure, I work at a Durham company who is collaborating with MINI USA. I'm talking to them about owners' love for MINI. Anything I'm collecting is just for a chat with them; it will never appear out in the world.

So -- please let's hear it! And if you prefer to share your story quietly, feel free to DM me. Thanks, everyone!BeckShirlMINI.jpg