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January 31st, 2014, 04:08 PM
Just wanted to post a thumbs up for Luxury Auto Service. Arranged to have a carbon cleaning done and have them fix a leaky oil pan gasket. As part of a special package they have, they also updated all the software on the MINI WUF. I've only driven back to my office, but everything is running much smoother now and hopefully I won't be seeing oil leaking all over my garage. They did a great job of getting me in and out as promised and were really easy to work with in setting everything up.

January 31st, 2014, 06:39 PM
Great folks to deal with!!

G3 Auto
February 2nd, 2014, 02:05 PM
Thanks Jeff!! I really appreciate you taking the time to review our services and glad that we could help out. And a shoutout to Joe for the compliment on our customer service!!! We appreciate the love that THMMC has shown us!!!

February 2nd, 2014, 10:55 PM
I love my six speed getrag transmission swap!!!

February 25th, 2014, 02:37 AM
I took my '07 to Luxury/Euro Motors today for the carbon cleaning. I cannot say enough good things about the service and the people working there. Chris and James went out of their way to make me feel welcome and a part of the process. Chris showed me the before and after difference in my valves and even took pictures for me. There was a major difference because this is the first carbon cleaning on this car in 114K miles. I was in and out in less than two hours, and can feel a world of difference in my Mini. Chris also noticed another problem while he had the intake off and I will be taking it back to them for that work and any other work that I can't handle myself. Well worth the 140 mile round trip especially since it was such a nice day. I would, and will recommend these guys to anyone needing service work on their Mini.

July 15th, 2014, 09:04 PM
Spent the day at Euro Motors today. Super Technician Chris did the following:

Replaced water pump (OEM)
replaced thermostat (OEM)
replaced turbo oil feed & return lines (DetroitTuned)
replaced seals in heat exchanger (DT)
replaced accessory drive belt (OEM)
replaced spark plugs (NGK)
Changed oil and filter (Mobil1/OEM)

While waiting for the motor to cool down to perform the above work he installed my new Eibach 20mm rear sway bar and a new (to me) sport suspension. The shocks, struts, and springs came from a JCW with only 7K miles when they were yanked to install coil overs.
I definitely recommend these guys if you live in the area or just want to drive down for the day like I did. They do quality work for a reasonable price.

A very productive day, except for getting caught in rush hour traffic and a torrential downpour on the way home. Finally got to use my rear fog lights though! :pleasantry:


July 15th, 2014, 11:16 PM
Chris is the best!!!