View Full Version : **Carbon Cleaning, Software Programming, and Fuel Additive THMMC Special**

G3 Auto
February 27th, 2014, 08:19 AM
We have created a special package for our fellow THMMC enthusiasts when it comes to MCS carbon cleaning issues. We have now implemented programming updates for your engine's computer as well as adding a fuel additive to the fuel tank to help combat these issues. On top of getting your intake valves cleaned of nasty carbon build-up, we will program your engine's computer to have the latest software which will have updates that help your vehicle run to its optimum potential. On top of that, we add a fuel additive to your gas tank that helps clean fuel injectors which also helps removal of engine deposits. This complete package will restore lost engine power as many as our previous customers have testified to.

We are happy to show you before and after results so you can see the actual difference in the work we do. We make sure to take the time to explain the service that we are performing. We have seen a great response from the THMMC and hope to continue supporting such a great group! Please call 919-821-5222 for pricing and scheduling.

February 27th, 2014, 11:53 AM
I will add that I had Chris do this last fall and they did an awesome job! The only issues I have had from it is for some reason my tire wear has been horrendous ever since. :onthego:
Your results may vary but mine was amazing the amount more pull I am getting out of WINGS in the 20-70 mph range, really all around it made a huge difference.
Before an after not even a question. I was at 42000 miles..... if you are around that its time to consider doing this to keep your car cranking the power.
Thanks Chris for making this special offer to THMMC members.
If you wonder whether your car needs this it seems that the 07-10 MCS was the main ones that seem to have issues with the carbon buildup on the intakes.