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September 2nd, 2014, 09:04 PM
Below is a collection of maps, directions and GPS files for the upcoming MINIpalooza runs. Unfortunately, some of the filenames do not correspond to the event names. Hopefully you can figure out what is what based on the descriptions.

The GPX files are for use with devices based on Garmin software. The ITF files are for devices based on TomTom software.

Waterfall Run Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/waterfall_map.pdf) | Waterfall Run Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/waterfall_directions.pdf) | Waterfall Run GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/waterfall_run.gpx) | Waterfall Run ITF
Twist-O-Thon Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/twist_o_thon_map.pdf) | Twist-O-Thon Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/twist_o_thon_directions.pdf) | Twist-O-Thon GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/twist_o_thon.gpx) | Twist-O-Thon ITF
Shotgun Ridge Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/shotgun_ridge_map.pdf) | Shotgun Ridge Turn-by-Turn | Shotgun Ridge GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/shotgun_ridge.gpx) | Shotgun Ridge ITF
Hightower Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/hightower_map.pdf) | Hightower Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/hightower_directions.pdf) | Hightower GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/hightower_run.gpx) | Hightower ITF
Dupont Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/dupont_map.pdf) | Dupont Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/dupont_directions.pdf) | Dupont GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/dupont_forest.gpx) | Dupont ITF
Copperhead Loop Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/copperhead_loop_map.pdf) | Copperhead Loop Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/copperhead_loop_directions.pdf) | Copperhead Loop GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/copperhead_loop.gpx) | Copperhead Loop ITF
Sky Top Orchard Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/sky_top_orchard_map.pdf) | Sky Top Orchard Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/sky_top_orchard_directions.pdf) | Sky Top Orchard GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/sky_top_orchard.gpx) | Sky Top Orchard ITF
Geyser Run Map (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/geyser_run_map.pdf) | Geyser Run Turn-by-Turn (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/geyser_run_directions.pdf) | Geyser Run GPX (http://www.tarheelminis.org/2014_events/geyser_run.gpx) | Geyser Run ITF
Dirty Dancing Map | Dirty Dancing Turn-by-Turn | Dirty Dancing GPX | Dirty Dancing ITF

September 3rd, 2014, 09:13 AM
I receive a forbidden to access this server message when I click on the map hyperlinks.


September 3rd, 2014, 09:17 AM
Thanks KYpair. I think I've fixed the problem.

September 3rd, 2014, 11:41 PM
I'm unable to download any Dirty Dancing file.

September 3rd, 2014, 11:47 PM
None of the Dirty Dancing files are available. fwiw, only the underlined items link to a file.