View Full Version : BRP Tour 2012 - Groups

January 28th, 2012, 11:56 AM
Based on feedback from past participants and leaders, the event committee felt the event had reached a point where a new strategy needed to be used to manage things and help keep everyone safe. Trying to keep a caravan of 60+ MINIs going in one direction as one pack on the BRP was becoming a bit too difficult to pull off. To address this, we will be splitting folks up into groups. Each group will try to create a slighly different experience for the members of the group. We will still be collecting everyone in one place throughout the event though - the groups will mainly impact the travel part. Groups will be limited to about 15 MINIs and we will create however many we need. I mainly bring this up now as selecting a group will be part of the registration process, so it can't hurt to get folks to start thinking about it. Here are the proposed groups:

Bear Group - this group will travel the BRP at a leisurely pace with plenty of stops to take in the scenery. Expect minimal excursions off the BRP. But lots of time in fellowship with other MINI owners. The plan is to be unrushed and take in the beauty of the BRP.
Eagle Group - this group will be traveling at a good clip as there is an interest in getting to the end destinations as quickly as possible to enjoy fellowship and (probably) beverages. The group will probably stop at major overlooks or those that make good photo ops. Any off-BRP runs are likely to be done after the final destinations are reached for each evening.
Wolf Group - this group will have a mix of everything. Stops for scenery, some spirited runs, some leisurely stretches, some off-BRP add-ons. This group is for those more interested in the experience than in sticking to a schedule or seeing any particular place. Be ready for the unexpected and willing to roll with changes.
Otter Group - this group will really focus on the twisties. This means there will likely be several off-BRP add-ons, possibly at the expense of some overlooks and maybe even missing a mile or two of the BRP. It is anticipated that most runs, especially stuff off the BRP, will be done in a spirited manner.