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January 30th, 2013, 01:25 PM
I need some input from our coastal NC club members on details of events for a future shift of location for a THMMC event. The club officers have been speaking of a possible shift of our September MINIPalooza to the Wilmington area. We have not decided whether this event should stay a one day event or (since we are at the beach) that we should make it the entire weekend.

Basic Details:

We have looked in the Wilmington area for a winery venue (which is normally part of the event). Most of the ones we found where pretty small with the exception of Duplin Winery in Rose Hill. They definitely have the room and are used to big groups. I checked their website's event calendar and spoke with their event coordinator about a possible date in early September. They have an annual grape stomping event from 5-9 on Saturday the 7th, and nothing yet on the Saturday the 21st. If we do the event on the 7th, we might be able to hold our runs in the morning starting in Wilmington and end up at the winery around 1 or 2 and have our cookout event before the grape stomping group arrives later. They have parking for both groups. Also Flow Mini in Raleigh is looking for a sales event on the coast that they could cater.

1. We need advice on possible drives that would end up in Rose Hill at the Duplin Winery. I have been looked into a possible route (see link below) but would appreciate your input.

2. Here are my original ideas and the comments I received from the club officers on those ideas. After reviewing this ideas, the officers and I would appreciate any comments on what you would suggest given these options to put together a great coastal MINIPalooza event.

Original Idea:

Friday - a possible Flow MINI catered event on Friday afternoon evening at, for example, Carolina Beach, with a cruse down the main drag and back to Wilmington after dinner.

Saturday - a morning drive out to Rose Hill taking as twisty a route as we can create (See weblink).


Sunday - a morning group shot (if feasible) in front of the U.S.S. North Carolina followed by a tour.

We would of course try and get a group of rooms at a motel in Wilmington for Friday and Saturday night. It is just off season so it is more likely. Some will come down just for Saturday but some attendees may do it all. Any thoughts on an event like this in September? Can something be added or altered?

End Comment.

Officer Comment 2:

One officer stated, while the route is nice, it is a lot of driving on some nice but not very twisty roads. In his opinion, if we have a coastal event lets stay there and see the sights and cruise. He also suggested we might make it just a Saturday event, with the one's having a longer trip having the option to come in Friday night.

End Comment.

Officer Comment 3:

Another former club officer stated that we can do some short driving then lunch together then people can head back to the beach in the afternoon, and thus we do not need to run to the winery then. He was thinking that we should make Sunday a free day so people can stay at the beach as long as they wanted before head back home. See before for another options

Friday - Cook out/catering on the beach at the hotel

Saturday - Group picture and tour at USS NC then drive to Southport for lunch then catch a ferry back to Fort Fisher in the afternoon. After that some might want to head back to the hotel or some can stop by the NC aquarium and historical site at Fort Fisher. Or if they do not want to join the drive then they can do want ever they want. But we need to do dinner together in the evening.

Sunday - free day.

End Comment.


Jeff Cole
THMMC Treasurer

January 31st, 2013, 06:55 AM
To all coastal THMMC members !!! Please provide input on the event ideas above. Thanks.

January 31st, 2013, 07:57 PM

Finding twisties here on the coast is a little difficult. I do not know a whole lot about Wilmington but there are a few attractions to see. Sprints between them might be the way to go.

February 10th, 2013, 09:18 PM
Nice route for a drive to Duplin!

I think although the Dupllin WInery tour and stomp might be good, it's not for everyone, and with wine involved and a car driving club, forget it they do not go together. The drive to Southport after the Battleship NC is a better idea, followed by lots of options. IMHO.

March 5th, 2013, 04:46 PM
The route takes you own OLD MAPLE Hill Road which is a good as it gets in our area :happy-smiley: you could consider hwy 11 which is a good country road & not like I-40.