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February 10th, 2013, 12:14 PM
Hi everyone! New to the group here as I'm from up north. However, next year I'll be moving to NC!

This summer I am hosting an event for Countryman owners through the Countryman Owners Group on Facebook. Even if you don't have a R60, not apart of the group, never heard about it, or even not on Facebook you are welcome to come! The more the merrier! We already have quite a few participants that do not have Countryman.

The plan:

July 18 - 21, 2013

We will be staying at the Fontana Village Resort on the very west end of North Carolina (Dragon Country!) The dates of the event are from Thursday night (July 18) to Saturday night (July 21). Also, we have reserved plenty of rooms at a much reduced rate - Thursday and Friday night is going to be $99 and Saturday night will be $115. All you have to do is call the resort (800-849-2258) before April 18th to reserve your room with a $99 deposit. Make sure you mention the code "COTD" for the special pricing

This is going to be a family friendly and laid back event. The plan is to drive the AMAZING roads in the area, have a good time, and relax.

Hope you can make it! And if you have any further questions feel free to PM me anytime.

Also, if you're on FB head on over to our group and join!

February 10th, 2013, 01:31 PM
Hey, Kyle. I joined shortly after you did in January. I'm glad to see that you're getting a "Countryman Gathering" together with open invites to all Mini owners. I have an '11 Countryman S and just love it. Unfortunately we'll be out of the country during the time of your great adventure. I've driven the Dragon and many of the challenging and scenic roads in N.C. and hate to miss the opportunity to do it again with a group of enthusiasts. Keep the shiny side up!:onthego: