I've spoken with several motels, and have selected the Pony Island Motel as our "official" accommodations for Saturday night - because they look "nice enough", and have good rates, and have enough space to accommodate our entire group. The motel normally has a 2 night minimum stay on weekends - they've agreed to waive this requirement for us on April 12 - but you MUST tell them you're with the Tar Heel MINI Club! Their rates range from about $69 to $85. They do have some nicer "suites" available, but these still have a 3 night minimum - they will allow us to upgrade to those rooms for the difference in cost (rate for those is about $125 per night) IF they are available when we check in. Call them at [SIZE=2]866-928-4411 for reservations. If you prefer other accommodations on the island, you're certainly free to do your own thing![/SIZE]