Hey everyone - a few things I may owe you from the BRPT

If you received an enamel grille badge as a door prize, I owe you the hardware to mount it. Get in touch with me through this forum, Message any of our Facebook pages, or send an e-mail to "THMMC.Treasurer at gmail dot com" Give me your mailing address and I'll get it out to you this week.

If you bought a lanyard and would like an insert like the one I or any of the BRPT organizers were wearing (printed, club logo, 3-4 lines of info). e-mail me with 1) the information you want on your badge and 2) your mailing address. If you'd like to make your own, the insert is AVERY # 5390. (suggestion, use their online designer, and print on card stock).

If you registered and didn't get your BRPT packet (your bag o goodies that came with your registration), I'll be sending you an e-mail this week to get your information and will mail it out to you by the weekend.

If you were missing anything from your packet - please feel free to contact me for the item . Only thing I am out of are the BRPT 7 Buttons.