Exciting news for MINI fans in and around the Tar Heel footprint! We have been fortunate to have MINI owners from near and far join us for a variety of events that we hold. MINIpalooza in the Mountains saw folks come from 12 different states (including NC) join us to enjoy the twisty fun. Already MINI's Slay the Sleeping Dragon is looking to top that with attendees from 14 different states registered. As a club, we have also benefited from the work of lots of volunteers, dating all the way back to the founding of the club, who worked to implement an infrastructure and framework that would allow the club to grow and flourish.

As a result of contacts made during recent events, we are pleased to announce the creation of this new section of the forums to serve as a place for our fellow MINIacs from across the border in Tennessee to have a place to organize events, plan get togethers, and enjoy some online fellowship with other MINI owners and fans.

This is not unprecedented for the THMMC. We have had a forum area for SW Virginia for years now. More importantly, we try to work with our adjacent clubs to encourage sharing of the MINI fun.

Join us in welcoming our fellow MINI fans as they learn their way around THMMC. If they post up any events, please consider attending to help them grow. After all, they have benefitted us by attending events in our neck of the woods.