I have a Whalen shift knob in black Delrin for an R53. I am the second owner, but there is no wear on it.

Top is etched with 6 speed gears flanked by Mini wings. Doug Whalen said that he made a couple of these for Way Motor Works a few years back.

Great shape, and I never had trouble with heat. Great visual addition to the interior.

There was a little play in the screws of the adaptor, so that adaptor has been epoxied in there -- will only ever work for an R53. I wanted very much to take this to my R55, but I can't -- and it deserves to be used.

I'm looking to get $50.

Here are some terrible shots I snapped real quick for Doug. Let me know, and I can shoot a few that are not in a messy room.



05-11-15 046.JPG05-11-15 047.JPG05-11-15 048.JPG