Just wanted to post a quick welcome message to the club’s members and thank everyone for entrusting me to take on the role of president. I did serve as VP a few years ago, so things should not be entirely new to me. However, we have had a lot of new members join since then and some have moved on to other stages of their lives. The club has grown and become more active throughout the state and technology - especially how we communicate - has changed drastically. So some things will be new to me.

I’ll be posting some more messages in the near future about some issues that I hope to address sooner rather than later. Just need some of the craziness from the non-MINI world to calm down. In the meantime though, if you have any comments, suggestions, or thoughts about the THMMC that you would like to share with me, please post here or send me a message on the web site forum, through FB, G+, or Twitter - I should be pretty easy to find.

Motor On!