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    MINIpalooza Runs - Sign Up for One!

    You may have heard that rather than have everyone do the same route during MINIpalooza, we're offering you choices! Who doesn't love choices? And let me tell you, it has the potential to be totally EPIC!!

    on this post, we are asking you to choose which route you want to do.

    Option One: Ferry voyage from Fort Fisher to Southport

    Option Two: Ferry voyage from Southport to Fort Fisher

    You might be saying Whaaaa?

    We will roll in TWO groups.

    ONE from the NORTH! ONE from the SOUTH!

    We will keep from overwhelming either of the local small towns and have much easier parking, but the best part is yet to come.....
    When we are steaming toward the other shore, simultaneously, we will be able to WAVE at all of our other MINI friends on the ferry going the opposite direction!

    How Cool is THAT gonna be?

    WooHoo! This will be a two prong assault by MINIs!

    Please sign up for your choice of Ferry Runs! If you are not signed up by Thursday September 17th, we'll assign you to an open run.

    to make your Ferry selection, please reply to this thread. There will be two groups for each Ferry. Your choice:

    Group A - Fort Fisher to Southport 11:30am Line Up at least 30 Minutes Prior ideally
    Group B - Fort Fisher to Southport 12:15pm Line Up at least 30 Minutes Prior ideally
    Group C - Southport to Fort Fisher 11:30am Line Up at least 30 Minutes Prior ideally - AT CAPACITY
    Group D - Southport to Fort Fisher 12:15pm Line Up at least 30 Minutes Prior ideally

    Please use first name, last initial so I can tie this to your registration.
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