GoPro Motorplex with Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club

Let's get tuned up for MINIPalooza by taking some laps on the GoPro Motorplex track in Mooresville on this Sunday September 13th. It will give those of you going a chance to have some PrePalooza Fun and those of you who can't make it a chance to hang either way! Should be a lot of fun either way. Pricing appears to be by the bundle and may be to our advantage to by some bundles of 10 rides and divide them up. In that manner we could get each race for $20 Otherwise it's 1 Race for $25, 2 for $45 3 for $65. Should be a lot of fun and you don't really need to bring anything except closed toe shoes are a must they say.
Check out the details here.
So Who's In for a little FUN? Some of those will go grab some dinner afterwards and continue the fun! Details TBA.
If you have ideas about the local restaurants throw some ideas out, we're game!