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    Thank You!

    a cross post from my personal Facebook page ....

    MINIPALOOZA has come to a close. 110 MINIs, 230 people. 135 t-shirts, 450 buttons, 150 reusable bags, 2 planning meetings (yes, you read that right!), countless e-mails at all hours of the night.

    When I stepped out of the Wingate into the parking lot getting ready to head over to the opening dinner, a smile spread across my face. I turned to Paul and said "this. This is exactly why I do this stuff."

    A parking lot full of MINIs and scores of people milling about - friends reacquainting, new friends being made, looking at all the cars. #YouMeMINI

    Many people thanked me for the weekend festivities, but I'm not a team of one. And so, my personal thank you to:

    MINIpalooza Organizing Committee:

    Jak Yaemsiri - always thinking of what would be nice for our members and helping maintain communication with Flow. Thank you for lining up the cars at the battleship - damn we look good!

    Jeff Causey - always keeping us on track and being a voice of reason.

    Jeff Cole - the fount of knowledge of past events and sharing his knowledge just before I ask the question. Also onsite logistics well before anyone arrives. Jeff's my running checklist of things that need to be done.

    Keith Renye - our local connection - I can not thank enough. If it went down in Wilmington, he had a hand in it.

    Ross Gobble - comic relief, colors outside the lines and always introduces new ideas. Often the face of THMMC to our sponsors.

    Paul Wise - always thinking of new things we could try as a club, and the honest feedback giver when I ask "would this be lame?"

    The Wilmington THMMC branch - without this group eager to have us in their town, well it would have just been a big ol mess. They were hard at work, meeting regularly allow me to focus on all the other stuff knowing the main part of MINIpalooza was taken care of.

    Event Support Team

    Heather Renye - registration assistance.

    Leader & Sweepers & Relay
    We couldn't have done the runs without you!

    And to everyone who attended - thanks for making this a spectacular event! I had s blast!

    THMMC Treasurer
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    MisterQ '04 MCS IB/W, winter package, xenons, SatNav, [faded] old glory on the roof.Stock as the day he was delivered, 165K+ of coast to coast miles.

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