The Why:
This is a big trip! We, as THMMC members, officers, advisors, road warriors and lovers of road trips, felt it was important that people know where someone familiar is staying.

Collectively, we are willing to act as a home base of sorts. Feel free to drop by or contact any of us along the way.

We’re looking forward to the adventure of this trip and want you to have as stress-free a trip as possible.

The Crew:
Frank and Gail – “Sir Griff” Welcoming and brimming with Southern Hospitality. Going Most the Way. ATL, CLT, picking back up in SD to CA.

Gene and Tori – “Tuffy” Travelers and explorers, level headed thinkers, brings everyone together. Caravan Master. Going All the Way.

John, Cassandra & Zac - “Millie” Travelers, canine travel, support vehicle. Need a snack? trist us, hunt them down. Going All the Way

Paul & Lorraine – “Mister Q” Veteran cross country drivers, current THMMC Treasurer, Traveling with tools, and coder. Going ATL – Baltimore-ish.

Ross and Kathy – “WINGS” Road Warrior and THMMC past president, current club advisor Going All the Way. Photographer, Cartographer.