For anyone craving a little, ummm, adventure, after the conclusion of the official Parkway drive, I plan to drive an alternate route back from Cherokee to Old Fort (on I-40) along some of my most favoritest roads in the whole world. Just seems like a shame to be in that neck of the woods and not burn a little rubber... which isn't what the Parkway tour is all about... This is NOT for the timid... it will be FASTish and VERY TWISTYish. Paved roads only. Recommended for performance-oriented drivers only. If, after reading this, you aren't skeered, then feel free to tag along... if you can... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Here's the route I plan to take.

This WILL add almost two hours of drive-time (and gas consumption) for those headed back to the Triad and Triangle. Charlotte area drivers can break off at Hendersonville and head home - you'll miss part of the fun, but you'll be there for most of the good stuff. But if you're in a hurry to get home, this probably isn't for you.

Who's with Blimey?