he he he .. sorry for the delay in my follow up post, GUYS -- did I have ya worried?
Don't worry, the only thing you have to worry about with me is LOCATING me .. and that's NOT because I'm Lee at the head of the pack ... :-)

thanks for all the roomie offers -- I still have not heard back from a solo traveling female -- but no worries -- my original post was as much to be sure that if there were other solo traveling females who either would be uncomfortable traveling alone, or for whom the splitting of hotel costs meant the difference between joining the group or not, that *she* would be aware of my sharing option -- I'm otherwise quite content to throw my suitcase on the spare bed and not have to flip a coin for who gets the freebie toiletries provided ... :-)

I look forward to seeing you soon! We had a great turn out on Thursday night -- tho there was one thing missing, Dave. That would be free dessert .. :-)