This run has been cancelled, 2 cars and 4 people is not enough to do it.

If anyone is interested in a Saturday Lunch run down to Highlands with a pit stop / regroup break in Franklin and a brief stop at Dry Falls let me know by posting to this thread. I did it last year after waiting for the people from the 'Newbie' run that didn't continue on to Blimey's and we ran out of time for enjoying our lunch. This year, if enough people are interested I would plan to assemble at the Fontana General Store at 9:30 (okay, you can go to Deals Gap for breakfast and get back in time, I'm going to, but you can't do the dragon and be back in time unless you skip breakfast), and depart not later than 9:45.

There will be a short stop for gas and a pressure break at the BP on 28 just South of Franklin, another stop at Dry Falls where there are restroom facilities and then on to Highlands for lunch. We should reach Highlands before noon, have a couple of hours on our own or in groups to see the village and get some lunch, then make your way back to the Dry Falls parking lot in time to start our return trip at 2:45, which should have us rolling straight to the start of the Soda Pop's / Rivers End run. From the middle of Highlands to Dry falls is about 15 minutes / 4.1 miles.

This drive includes 3 sections of twisties including my favorite stretch of 28 in the area. The first section is Hellbender from Fontana down to the point it expands to 4 lanes, the second is Moonshine 28 from 74 about half way to Franklin, and the third, my favorite, is from about 10 miles S of Franklin down to Highlands. That stretch is my favorite because it is just like the Dragon only narrower! The drive will be spirited but safe and as with all the runs subject to slowdowns due to the leaf peepers.

An alternative for people that would like to spend more time in Franklin and skip a round trip on Hellbender, you could spend an additional hour and a half in Highlands and go to Soda Pop's by turning R on 74 instead of L to head back to Fontana.

Responses to this thread will determine whether I lead this or just go on the Wings run.


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