(5) Kosei K8r Wheels - 17x8 - 5x112 - et45 - 16.3 lbs/wheel
(4) Continental DW tires - 215/45 - 8.0-8.5/32" across all tires
(4) OEM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

Located in Winston-Salem, NC.

Price: $1,100

Please Email me at drew.markey@gmail.com if interested as I rarely get on forums these days!

These wheels and tires are in excellent condition. There are no curb marks, no knicks, gouges, bends, punctures or damage to the 4 mounted wheels tires, and TPMS. The extra wheel is brand new, but has minor pitting to the face due to the wheel falling over once the tire was mounted. I ordered another wheel and kept this as a spare.

The wheels and tires have around 4k miles on them, and they're in like new condition. I ran these on my F56 MCS and have loved the setup. Great grip, super light combo (around 36 lbs/corner), and they offer a ton of clearance for big brake kits. This is a perfect fitment for the F56 platform cars.

I'm not interested in shipping, but will meet someone within 50 miles or so of W-S.