I'm considering purchasing a third-party extended warranty offered through Flow Mini; the warranty provider is a company called "The Warranty Group." As these things go, the top-tier program, "Platinum" looks decent, and the price is more reasonable (~$3K) and the term of coverage is longer (4/48) than the comparable MINI "Extended Motorer" warranty. $100 deductible, and in theory you should be able to take the car to independent shops for repair as well as dealerships.

Understand that there are lots of arguments pro/con on these types of policies, and not really looking to explore that at the moment. What I'm hoping to find out is this: Has anyone purchased one of these policies from this particular company, and if so, what has been your experience in regards to getting approvals for claims - has it been a good experience, or have you had issues with loopholes, delays, or resistance from The Warranty Group in getting claims approved and work handled to your satisfaction.