Hello all from Southern NC!

I've had my triple black 2010 Mini base model for a little over 3 years. He was used but new to me. This car hasn't given me one lick of trouble until recently. Maintenance has always been done on a regular basis. With that being said he does have 88,*** miles on him and as I was getting on the interstate to come home one day my thermostat light came on(yellow) then immediately went back off. I did drive him home and it didn't overheat but now I'm scared to drive him and he is sitting lonely in the yard.

Any idea what it could be? Thermostat? Water Pump?

I do my own
maintenance since my hands are smaller than the hubs. Just trying to figure out if itís something I can do or if I just need to pay to have it fixed. And closest mini dealership is in Raleigh and the BMW dealership (locally) wonít work on them.

My Coop as of right now has no mods done to him, although I'm thinking of doing some upgrades to him down the line. Nothing major but I'm always welcome to suggestions.

I appreciate any advice given!