EVENT IN CHARLOTTE, NC July 7 - MINI Wrench-a-Thon and BBQ at my home

I'm new to Charlotte and just getting back into MINIs. I sold Jango, my 2006 MCS a few years back when I moved from Dallas to San Francisco. Now that my wife and I have moved to Charlotte and settled down again, I got a 2005 JCW (Rufus) and spent the past 9 months doing a massive renovation on him.

I'd like to get to know my Charlotte MINI folks, so I'm opening up my garage for an event I used to host in Dallas every now and then... a Wrench-a-thon and BBQ. What's that? That's when a bunch of MINIs get together for mods/service, knowledge-sharing and some food. I'd say we could handle 15-20 folks and, depending on the work being done, 4-5 cars being worked on. We did 6 rear swaybars in one day in my driveway (we got it down to a 40 minute process).

SATURDAY, JULY 7 - 9:30am to 5:30pm

WHERE: AT MY HOME JUST SOUTH OF UPTOWN CHARLOTTE, NEAR SOUTH BLVD AND MARSH (Address is on the official event page... see below to get connected)

What type of work? I've seen brake jobs, oil changes, thermostat/housing changes, pulleys, belts, engine mounts, plugs, plug wires, rear swaybars, LCA bushings, timing chain guides/tensioners, tire rotations, electrical mods, washing/detailing/polishing... all sorts of stuff. You are responsible for bringing your own parts, your own car and your own safety. You can come and watch, lend a hand and get greasy and do your own work. I've done all of the work listed above and have a lot of the R53 dedicated tools (LCA bushing press, brake caliper tool, belt tensioner tool, inner tie rod wrench, etc). I'm also pretty handy with my PCDA polisher for scratches and other issues.

Food: Somewhere around 1pm or so, I'll fire up the grill and will cook out hot dogs and hamburgers. I'll have a cooler w/ water. Please feel free to bring any other beverages (adult bev are fine, once your wrenching is done... gotta be safe!).

IF YOU WANT TO COME, PLEASE 'FRIEND' ME ON FACEBOOK (Aaron Granger) AND PING ME ON MESSENGER AND I'LL GET YOU AN INVITE TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT. I'll try to come back to this page every now and then to see if anyone posts in the forum, below.

IF YOU WANT TO WORK ON YOUR CAR: Please contact me (Aaron Granger) directly to discuss the job, when you can arrive and how much help you need. On Facebook Messenger, email (aaron.granger@focusoa.com) or phone: (214) 394-7450