Ok.. now that I have your attention. Unless you have a lot of extra cash around and a good mechanic or you are a good mechanic yourself you are asking for heartache. Classic Minis are notorious for needing a lot of upkeep. The newer the better but just as in any classic car they need constant adjustments, they are also notorious for breaking down, I carry enough tools in the boot to rebuild any part of the car on the fly. The are fast and fun but do tend to vibrate, squeek and keep reaching in your pocket for repairs. With the Internet it is fairly easy to find parts and with Mini Mania and 7 Enterprise, you can get just about anything you need. Make sure you get a good revolving acount with them. I have spent alot of money over the years and replaced just about every part at one time or another over the 36 years I have had mine.

The other reason not to buy one is you dont need all that attention, people smiling, pointing and laughing at you, and dont need to bring more of these into the state to make mine look old and less unique:)

If I havent convinced you yet, I will help anyone needing advice or expertise in breaking them down and rebuilding them, and I will have a bumper sticker made for you saying, "All Parts Flying off This Car is of British Leyland Quality!"

Happy Miniing!