Hey remember me! Just going to toss my .02 worth in about the website since I don't currently own a MINI so of course don't participate in the dinners/events etc. and I don't want to touch the cliques etc talk.. I for one hated it when everybody started using the FB site only, as Kim and I don't do FB so there were times we had no clue if anyone was even going to our local dinners or not, or maybe there would only be 1 or 2 that had posted and we'd show up and there'd be 10 of us. Which was great, but I had heard of others who didn't do FB either and they'd look at the website and if no one had posted or hardly anyone they may not go.. and if there was a newbie thinking of going they may not go as well thinking no one is going, or hardly anyone is and may wait till the next one.. With the website like it is now it's easy to see why no one hardly uses it. As Susan said it's mainly the Bot posting everyday and the couple of people who play the word game.. Too bad there is not a way for the FB to be cross posted over here just for the info of what is happening etc... Before I pretty much got out of the club I used to beg people to use the website and or cross post for the events to keep it active and attractive to new people/members but it just slowly came to a crawl post wise..Tar Heel MINIs is one of the few MINI clubs in the country to have it's own stand alone website and while I don't own a MINI at the moment if I did, I wouldn't be able to use it to found out very much. I guess from being active in the club for so long from kinda close to the beginning I hate to see the website just shut down. Sadly, I know nothing about running a website either, what it costs to keep it running, upgrading etc.. So I'm of no help there.. Granted it takes people posting to keep any forum alive and as much as I hate to see the website go, at some point it might be better to close it then for people to find it and think it's a dead club and just force them to find the clubs info on what they are doing else where..
Ok, going back into hibernation.