This run is on Saturday October 10th.

​Welcome to the annual 2020 MSSD edition of Blimey’s Tiny Tour of Terror. This run, named after its founder, Paul Penny's (BlimeyCabrio) MINI, is an annual favorite. Jeff Cole (colejd, a.k.a. TurboMini) lead this event for 7 years. This year, the run will be led by Bill and Lyn Priess. They will need the help of a sweeper car (see request below). This will be a long trip but you will be driving all the best roads in the area of the Dragon. With stops to refresh and lunch in Robbinsville approximately 7 hours.

We start off by visiting the past roads of an early morning helping of the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway from TN back into NC, and then lunch in Robbinsville. Next we move on to visit one of our club’s favorite runs down Wayah Rd. Soon we find ourselves in Franklin and going up Hwy 28 running through some great twisties. Finally, we follow the Hwy 28 into Fontana Village. This route has enough twisties to satisfy any MINI lover. You will be saying “Uncle” at the finish.,-83.82444/Vonore,+Monroe,+Tennessee,+United+States/35.36417,-84.28153/35.324381,-83.801747/35.16178,-83.45749/35.4363,-83.821576/@35.357696,-83.802338,10z/data=!4m38!4m37!1m1!4e1!1m10!1m1!1s0x885e887c17f61a9d:0xf3b00eec57284763 !2m2!1d-84.2418612!2d35.590078!3m4!1m2!1d-84.21711!2d35.427141!3s0x885ef4d2aa0c1343:0x952efdab6ea3a8af!1m6!3m4!1m2 !1d-83.991554!2d35.312762!3s0x885ee94f4ad6c30d:0xd2e3ad41830d4978!4e1!1m6!3m 4!1m2!1d-83.649428!2d35.18797!3s0x885ed24fb3da0c27:0x7533d856d8fc7986!4e1!1m6!3m4 !1m2!1d-83.453038!2d35.280299!3s0x885930c2a70dee6b:0xd34009424ada99ce!4e1!1m1!4e 1!3e0?hl=en

Now for the details:

When: Saturday the 10th of October. Wheels UP at 0900(ish) After breakfast!

Feel free to join me for breakfast at around 8:00 AM as I will leave Fontana Village General Store around 7:45 AM for Deals Gap. If anyone oversleeps and misses the 7:45 departure, or wants to skip breakfast, you can just meet us at Deals Gap Restaurant before 8:45 and you should be fine.

Where: Deals Gap Restaurant (base of the Dragon)

Bring: GMRS Radios !!! Channel 20 sub 20

Approximate Drive Time: 7 hours (including a 1 hour lunch stop)

Lunch: Papa's Pizza in Robbinsville, NC (if open)

Pace: Don't let the name of the run scare you. While this run is for spirited drivers, as always, we will keep it safe. A good time is to be had by all. If you love carving twisty mountain roads then this is for YOU! We will stop for short breaks; mostly to regroup and enjoy some of the scenery (and let the tires cool). This is 210 miles of pure driving nirvana. This is for all those twisty addicts we have out there. Consider this your warning.

Finish time: ~4:00 PM

Please post if you are interested in attending.

Note: We will need to have a sweeper to make sure the group is kept together and to tell me. Please step up this year and help make this run possible.

Car limit: 35 cars