Here's the map... and yeah. with Ross, it's always subject to #CHANGE
Here Goes the Description- We will have fun and some will be spirited, but much will be just FUN run. I want everyone to have a good time and we will try to keep it tame, the whole idea here is a bit less mileage #MAYBENOTTHATMUCHLESS but a Dragon/Cherohala less than Blimey's and we will notably be skipping out of the Ice Cream Run since we will be to the South and would have to backtrack a good deal to make that work. Most of the time this run , the last 5 years, has ended up making a course at the end of the day for River's End and eat dinner before heading back to catch up for the Night Run on The Dragon.
Rollout of Fontana Meeting up at 7:45 over in the PARKING LOT in FRONT of the Recreation Center (Pit Lane aka VENDOR ALLEY during MOTD) We'll roll out at 8:45 Sharp to Robbinsville to grab some breakfast.
Blimey's goes one direction, while we go the other. If You Ain't Woke Up by the time we git to Breakfast, there's something wrong with ya! Its part of the master plan to blanket Graham County in MINI LOVE!

We'll roll out over the hill behind the Village towards Tapoco the back way.
(Yes, There is a Road in that there holler that is fun to drive if you didn't know about it).
A few years ago there was a dog fast asleep on the double OLD YELLER line... this year... who knows...

We'll run into Robbinsville and grab some breakfast. at Bojangles in Robbinsville.
Yeah, I'd love something better but hey, it's Robbinsville and there aren't too many choices!
Besides that, we're gonna be eating twice more before the day is out!

We will roll out for some scenic twistys on the way into Highlands via some fun roads waterfalls and hopefully some pretty leaves too! We will be eating at Cashiers Valley Smokehouse, in Cashiers before heading back out.
Then we will head out to the Waterfalls. As much as I would like to take in more of them, hardly any have anywhere to park 30 cars so we might have to get creative folks.

Then perhaps another waterfall just south of Highlands we might check out too.
We've missed this one before so hopefully we can get it in this time going to Glens Falls is the first one... maybe we can go in waves after lunch perhaps and break into two groups so we are not so packed in.

Unfortunately Bridal Veil Falls is closed now to underpassing cars so gone are the days we drove under it. If we can stop, we will, but likely won't be quite the same.
We will be going directly to Rivers End for Dinner. We might lolly gag around depending on the timing but it'll give us a chance to stage into Rivers End and maybe get ahead of the rush a bit. Then we will be back to Fontana in time to freshen up and do the Nighttime on the Dragon Run.
Please Post GOING if you want to Join us on:
WINGS (Pace Car....oops,er... I meant Leading)