Welcome to our Annual Soda Pop's Ice-Cream Run & River's End Dinner Run 2020

Part 1: Soda Pop's Ice-Cream Run
LEADER: Cynthia Mason Womble
Difficulty - Low to Moderate

Please note that there will be no man, women, MINIholic left behind. Please drive safe and within your limits & your MINI's capabilities. We want to have a fun safe experience.

Starting Location - Base of Fontana Dam across bridge. If you are familiar with the MOTD Dragon Parade (in the Spring) we will meet and line up at the same location. If you are unfamiliar, starting from Fontana Village go down the hill on Hwy 28 towards the Dragon. Skip the first dirt road to right going to the Fontana campground. Go across bridge and take immediate right as if you are going to base of Dam. We will line up here.
Starting Time - Meetup after 4:00 pm and depart hopefully no later than 4:30pm. Please note that we may be waiting for the Blimey’s Tiny Tour of Terror group to arrive if there is anyone doing that run that wants to join us? Please sign up and let me know if you plan to join us and you are coming from Blimey’s Tiny Tour of Terror so we can be on the lookout for you. We should arrive to Soda Pop's Ice-Cream by 5:15 pm.
Soda Pop's Ice-Cream - http://sodapopsicecream.com/
Please note that parking will be limited in front of store. When we arrive to Bryson City and are close to Soda Pop's; please be on the lookout for parking. We will not be able to park together. Soda Pops is a cash joint so make sure you have a bit of cash on hand or plan to hit an ATM.

Part 2: Rivers End Dinner Run

We will be starting the second half of the run from Soda Pop's. Meetup at 6:15 pm and depart at 6:30 pm. Menu and information can be found on website (http://noc.com/places/restaurants/rivers-end-restaurant). They have a deck and picnic tables for anyone interested. (hopefully its not too cold) We should arrive at Rivers End by 7:00 -7:15 pm. If you plan to attend the Nighttime on the Dragon run; please note that it will take you about 30 minutes to arrive back to Fontana Village. We've moved the Nighttime on the Dragon back to 9:30 pm departure to allow us enough time to arrive.
FRS/GMRS Radio Channel - 20 sub 20
Please post to this thread to let me know who will be attending. Also, please note that I am looking for a Sweeper to help me lead this run. If interested please let me know. Thank You!