Every year at MSSD we have new Dragon divers join us for their introduction to the fabled road. Those who have not as yet traveled the Dragon should watch this video to acquaint themselves with how to drive this, and other mountain roads, as safety as possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p3BADt-ROw

From Dallas Wisehaupt your Group Leader this year:

This year Newbie Run will be a bit different. Dallas will warm up the group on the way over to the Dragon through a bit of Scenic Parkway Touring on The Cherohala Skyway on the way over to the back entrance to The Dragon and on back into Fontana at the end.

This is a newbie run with the emphasis on getting you used to traveling in the packs some of you have seen but perhaps not experienced and there is nobody better to show you the ropes than this colourful character whom we all Love!

We will do the entire trip up the Dragon at a top speed of 30 MPH, which is the speed limit. Don't worry, we will go a little slower on some of the tight turns. This trip is meant to be both a fun and learning experience.

This Saturday morning run where Dragon newbies can travel this road along with Dragon veterans leading the way ahead of our group. Or you may catch up at the Ice Cream Run or other lunch dates with the other drives perhaps.