I just wanted to say I had a great time with everyone. So did my family. I know if there is a next year a day at NASCAR Speed Park has to be in the schedule.

I would like to express one negative comment. I went to this event with the hopes that I would NOT be the person in charge or the one managing everyone's time or schedule. I had hoped I would not have to worry if everyone was having a good time and let this time together just happen. I schedule so many events throughout the year that I just want to have fun to and not worry what the next step will be. I know founding this club makes me a leader of sorts but that's all I am is the founder.

I challenge all of you to put on an event, The rewards of doing them are great! Just ask those who have and have done more than 2 or 3!

I will continue to help when asked. Shirt orders are so easy to do. Goodie bags are easy to. Just pick something you think is fun and others will think it's fun too.

My apologies if this hurts anyone's feelings. I just wanted to let you know.