I plan to do some, er, "sporting" drives Friday and Saturday at MOTD. Would love to have some company! Note that these will be FAST and FURIOUS. Recommended for track rats and togue ninjas only. Me and my copilot will be wearing harnesses, and I'll have the track pads on... don't come if you scare easily....

Friday, I plan to do the Dragon Parade, then leave immediately to do about a 4 hour jaunt to Wayah Depot and back, including lunch somewhere along the way (Nantahalah or Robbinsville). I plan to be back by 1PM so I can prep for the 2PM car show. This is the same route we drove in the afternoon at the last Fall Dragon (aka MINIs Slay the Sleeping Dragon).

Saturday, I plan to do some early Dragon runs, then the Panoramic Photo, then a longer drive in the afternoon, back in time for the Farewell Dinner. Not sure about what route yet.... help me decide!

Who's with me?

The Friday AM drive will leave from the Deal's Gap store immediately following the Dragon Parade - approx 9AM. We'll probably take 129 back through Robbinsville - shorter that way.
Saturday drive TBD - probably leave 11:30ish from the Fontana General Store, get lunch on the way out, return late afternoon.