Hmm. Thought about putting this in the BRP threads but A) it includes a lot more than BRP Tour routes and B) I expect it to keep growing after BRPT 2009. So, I'm going to put it in the Great Drives forum. But at least with this initial posting, I think BRPT 2009 folks may be especially interested.

Anyway, I have finally kind of figured out a way to "save" all the Google Maps of different routes. So, my Mini Map Routes page includes links to these various maps.

Of note, I have mapped the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour 2009 based on what I know. For my Triple Crown partners, I've also mapped out TGICR2 routes, a couple Not BHI routes, some MOT routes, and our route back to NC. Still working on all the annotations.

I tend to keep re-working my maps as new info becomes available or I decide I want to refine something, so don't be surprised if they change. If I make a major change to something or add some new routes, I'll try to remember to let everyone know.

Hope these help someone.