Some of you know, others don't, but I have accepted a job in Atlanta with a much larger coffee company, and April and I will be moving in a couple of weeks. I wanted to write to say how much I've appreciated this club, it's members, and Mark for heading it all up. It's been like family for us to have a place to go that wasn't centered around kids. A place we could go and just have fun, forget about the stress of the week, and enjoy this little car we've come to love.

Over the year we've attended functions, gatherings, runs, and the like, and have always felt welcome and appreciated, which was not the case with the other club around town. We do this on our own, in our spare time, and in hopes of avoiding drama, not to participate in it, backstab people, etc. And we've never found that in this club. This is a great group of people from lots of different backgrounds, and we've appreciated all we've met. Yes, even that guy that works for the big green monster, even if I can't stand his company.

So, thanks. We'll miss you guys, even if this past year has been incredibly busy for us, and we've not been able to be as active as we've wanted to be. I really hope our legacy will be MSSD, and what it stands for. The car, the comraderie, and the community, not to mention the beautiful fall leaves and the amazing road I will soon be that much closer to. I wish you all the best, until the next time we see you on the road.
jason and april.