As an FYI/possible option for Friday's stretch, just south of Roanoke you can exit the BRP onto 221 North (aka Bent Mountain Rd) for a fun, twisty drive back down the mountain into Roanoke. As you approach the valley floor there are also additional options if you turn left off of Bent Mtn Rd onto either Twelve O'Clock Knob Rd and/or Mount Chestnut Rd (Twelve O'Clock Knob would be the longer drive, for sure). Both roads twist their way up and over mountains in Roanoke while providing some scenic views, and could complete a loop back to 221 South to drive back up the mountain to the BRP.

Also, as you're approaching Roanoke on the BRP I'd suggest taking the Roanoke Mountain loop drive that turns directly off the Parkway. It's a steep and twisty climb that summits at a great view, then a plenty twisty descent back to the Pkwy. From there you could also hop over to the Roanoke Star overlook for a nice view of the Roanoke Valley and downtown (and a small zoo if anyone's interested).

Finally, if the group is planning to stop at Panera Bread in Roanoke for a meal again this year like (I think) it did last year, there would be some more interesting and twisty ways to get from the Pkwy to Panera than the main roads that a map might suggest, although most of these other routes would be through curvy, mountainous residential streets rather than country roads.

Can't wait for the Tour!