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    2012 THMMC Photo Challenge

    I'm tired of going back and forth from doctor appointment to doctor appointment to hospital and back again and want to do something fun for once, so I took this idea from the other MINI group that has a big role in my life.

    2012 THMMC Challenge!!

    The THMMC Challenge is designed to get the members of THMMC out there motoring. The idea is part photo scavenger hunt, part funrun.

    Members are encouraged to plan group outings themselves to collect all the photos. Most of these can be done at lots of different locations throughout the state and at any time of the year, BUT they are all things that the member cannot simply create in their garage. The dogwoods need a specific time frame, but if you miss it, you can substitute another.


    • Motor to the designated spot on the 2012 Photo Spot list below.
    • Take a picture of your car with the landmark in the same frame.
    • All photos must have been taken this year.
    • It must be blatantly obvious that you were indeed at the landmark.
    • All photos must be submitted before December 31.
    • Create one post in this thread to post your pictures.
    • When you have a new picture, simply edit that one post and add that photo.

    Designated Photo spots:

    You car photographed.............

    1. With a Street Trolley.

    2. With a British Red Telephone box.

    3. With a German Flag.

    4. With a statue of a bull or cow.

    5. With a Fu Dog.

    6. With a car that has an MSRP >$100,000.

    7. With a car smaller than an R53 Mini.

    8. With some graffiti.

    9. With a statue of a a public service employee (other than a soldier).

    10. With Dogwoods.

    11. With a giant inflatable animal / monster.

    12. At a Festival.

    13. With a statue of a soldier.

    14. Next to a building that is >100 years old.

    15. Next to the world's largest _________________ (member's choice).

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