Got this in my email .. anyone who has thought of doing an HPDE .. great learning experience that will help you with your street survival skills, too .. especially if you've never been to VIR, this is a great group and a great price ..

alas, it is novice only ...
2nd alas, it's the weekend of the BRP ..

If you, or you know someone, who is sitting on the fence waiting to jump into the track scene, here's a great opportunity. The June 16-17 THSCC CMP HPDE event will have a few discounted registrations for drivers without any racing schools, competition license and 2 or less HPDE type events. The full price is $360.00 and the discounted price is $250.00. A really great deal for NOVICE drivers who qualify. That's almost 4 hours of scheduled track time, or what Turn One charges for a single day. If you meet the requirements or know of anyone who meets the requirements and is interested have then check out and sign up. Remember, this is a limited offer so the spots will sell out quickly.
The THSCC Event Staff