FYI, we have ordered and received a number of new stickers to make a mini statement. The following stickers are available.

1. "Actual Size" with italicized "S" for Copper S's (white "S" or red "S" (if requested, see picture below))


2. "Actual Size" without italicized "S" for Copper's
3. "Scale 1:1"
4. "This Vehicle Makes Ridiculously Tight Turns"
5. ""
6. "Eat, Sleep, Mini" (using knife & fork, bed, and Mini graphic)
7. "Mini + Curve Road Caution Sign = Smiley Face"

While the stickers are free and will be available at club events or obtainable when other merchandise is purchased by mail, the club encourages you to make a non tax deductible donation to the club.