Hey everyone,
Just got my Mini last week, been wanting one for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. I joined this club tonight, and had a few questions. I have a 2005 S, black with the twin stripes and they are cracked and broken, it also has a clear bra on it. I would like to get those replaced, and the bra removed. I like the look of the wide single stripe with accent better, but will the paint be faded under the old ones so much that it would be better to just stay the same? The car is black and besides the cracked stripes, is in better than average condition. If I stay with the twin stripes, any recommendations for doing the job in Charlotte? And where should I order the new stripes? Also, I read the thread on tinting, and was going to get that done, but I like the ceramic tinting now, never knew about that before, any ideas for someone in Charlotte to do that job. Last thing, when I bear down on the throttle and the supercharger is kicking, I detect a bit of a burning smell. Nothing intense, but noticeable, I do not detect it under normal driving conditions. I have never owned a car with a supercharger before, is it normal? The car runs like a champ otherwise. I am an avid motorcycle rider, and have been to the Dragon numerous times, any upcoming club events for some twisty fun? Tks for your help.