We will be having a club cookout after the MINIPalooza run on Saturday the 15th of September. We would like to get some commitments for cookout food and items that the attendees might bring. Please respond to this posting with the items you will be bringing. Note: there may be upwards of 80 to 100 people attending so some items can have more than one person assigned to them.

Items in BOLD are taken care of

Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Veggie Burgers and Buns Provided by the Club

Mustard (2 Large needed): Jill Flinchum
Ketchup (2 Large needed): Jill Flinchum
Mayo (2 Large needed): Jill Flinchum
Onions: Phillip Diaz
Tomatoes: Rick Byrum
Lettuce: Rick Byrum
Salt/Pepper: Scott Newman
Cole Slaw: Melanie Campbell-Saunders
American Cheese: Rick Byrum
Pickles: Steve Jenkins
Hotdog Chili: Phillip Diaz

Side Dishes
Deviled Eggs: Ron & Carol Phillips
Corn Bread: Jeff & Sherry Goodman
Raw veggies: Melanie Campbell-Saunders

Chips: Tonya McKinley, Jesse Haynes, Scott Newman, Janice Willmott

Brownies: Kathy Pierce
Unknown dessert:Tonya McKinley - Upside down German Chocolate Cake
Cake and Cookies: Jim and Sheroyn McCormac

Ice/Coolers: Bryan Wagoner
Ice Tea: Janice Willmott
Sodas: Jesse Haynes, Kathy Pierce, Steve Jenkins (need one more attendee to help with this item)
Water: Bryan Wagoner

Paper Products/Utensils/etc
Plates: Marvin Fordham
Napkins: Marvin Fordham
Eating Utensils: Steve/Jacky Hallenbeck
Cups: Steve Jenkins
Aluminum Foil: Steve Jenkins
Charcoal: Barbara Richards
Charcoal lighter fluid: Barbara Richards
Matches: Mark and Carol Soucie
Trash bags: Marvin Fordham
Grill tools: Mark and Carol Soucie
Table cloths: Roger & Donna Quiring
Tents (shelters): Borrowed a 12' x 12' expandable awning from Flow MINI of Raleigh. Might need 1 or 2 more shelters. The Shelton Vineyard's is providing the tables for the event. Note: the borrowed awning is being held by Drew Markey at Flow MINI of Winston-Salem. Someone attending locally needs to coordinate picking it up from Drew on Saturday the 15th and handing it off to some member from the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area after the cookout. We can then get it back to Flow MINI of Raleigh at some point.