Hopefully everyone has subscribed to the new thread for 2014 that Ben started (Thanks, Ben!) and correctly, I will not be in town for the March 20th dinner event .. though I will say, raise a glass and toast my birthday without me :-)

Causey will likely lock out this thread now that the new one has started and there won't be any more TTT updates posted to this one .. but since he hasn't done so yet, and I know this thread has a subscribership, I thought I'd bother your inbox one more time with an idea for this Saturday (March 1st) if anyone is in need of some MINI friends fix ..

Let's meet up at C&C in Cary and then let's head to Winston Salem for the Chicken Stew lunch at Flow MINI with the Triad brethren ..

Here's a rough sketch of the schedule:

Meet up at Cars and Coffee, Waverly Place (Kildaire Farm Rd), Cary NC - this event starts about 8:30am. I will *not* be there that early, it will likely be 9-9:30am
Link to Cars&Coffee thread:
Leave Cars and Coffee in Raleigh at 10am. We'll take 64 rather than 40/85 to get to Flow Winston Salem to have a more scenic route and arrive around 12noon for some Chicken Stew
We can then join up with tScott for the Triad area drive, head home as inclined.
Link to the Chicken Stew and Triad drive details:

If you want to join us, please post on one of the 2 links above, not this thread .. I've already muddled it up with non-TTT stuff :-)

(TTT: Hope to see you in April!)