Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you a heads up on what is going on this month. We have some awesome deals that are getting ready to start up. Always remember to bring/email us a quote for any service/parts/tires and we'll always do what we can to match it. Why wouldn't you want a Certified MINI technician working on your car for the same price as the guy who is used to working on old Chevy's?

Here are some of the deals going on now:

Service Specials

  • $69.95 Oil and Filter Change (no small print)
    Save $25.00
  • Free AC System Check & $159.95 AC Recharge
    Save $50.00
  • Free Tire Rotation
    Save $25.00
  • Free Check Engine Light Diagnosis
    Save $115.00

Parts Specials

  • Base Rack Specials: $205.00 for R56 & $199.95 for R60
    Save $54.95 or $57.49
  • Touring Bicycle Holder Specials: $125.00 or 2 for $235.00
    Save $33.95 or $82.90
  • $475.00 Black or Silver Roof Box
    Save $101.00
  • $159.95 Set of Mirror Caps (BlackJack,UnionJack,Checkered)
    Save $60.00
  • $185.00 Set of Chrome Mirror Caps
    Save $70.05
  • R50 Front Brake Pads w/Sensor: $65.64
    Save $53.52
  • R50 Front Brake Pads, Rotors w/Sensor: $205.10
    Save: $95.28
  • R53 Front Brake Pads w/Sensor: $68.26
    Save: $50.90
  • R53 Front Brake Pads, Rotors w/Sensor: $207.72
    Save $92.66

The parts specials for the brakes are exclusive to MINI Club members and you must contact me to get the discount! Feel free to email Steven or Myself if you have any questions about any of the discounts!

jkinneer@flowauto.com and salexander@flowauto.com