Luxury Auto Service is happy to provide THMMC with discounts and great service. We offer 10% off parts and labor!!! We also want to put together a special for carbon blasting the intake system. In our years of experience, the carbon build up is problematic and can compromise performance and gas mileage and even cause check engine lights to come on. This service uses a high pressure cleaning system to safely and effectively remove carbon build up from your valves and restore lost power and improve engine efficiency. We would like to do a group buy and offer a great deal to you THMMC members. The more people sign up, the better and cheaper! If you are interested, please PM me or post to this page and we will get this group rate going. We have pictures posted on our website to show the significant difference of before and after. Lets get those valves cleaned and free up some horsepower!!!

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG